One of the questions I often get from new patients–or from people I meet in casual settings–is this: does acupuncture really work?

The short answer: yes, it can–and for a wide variety of ailments and conditions.

I thought it would be helpful to highlight some recent acupuncture success stories, ones that will show you acupuncture’s breadth and depth. I originally posted these on my Facebook page over the last nine months or so.

  • Acupuncture Success Story #1: A patient who had never had acupuncture before came in about 2.5 weeks ago with complaint of severe plantar fasciitis that began about three months ago. Upon further investigation, I learned that he was having lower back pain as well, which was most certainly related. We spent three treatments working on loosening up the tight muscles in his lower back and calves and using techniques to increase the blood flow into his heels and plantar fascia. Today is his fourth treatment over the 2.5 weeks and he is almost pain free. His comments: “I am certainly an acupuncture member now! It works! It’s such a relief to be out of that pain. I can go back to work. I’m even sleeping better!”
  • Acupuncture Success Story #2: A lovely woman came to see me at 39.5 weeks pregnant. She said she needed a good stress reduction treatment. She had full permission of her doctor to work on ways to bring on labor, but she was more concerned with relieving stress and anxiety. We decided not to work on inducing labor per se, but that we would utilize some helpful points that have a downward energy and could potentially facilitate labor if her body were ready, since they could help her insomnia and anxiety. She had a deeply relaxing treatment and left the office feeling much better. She planned to come back in today, but this morning I received a message from her that she was so relaxed when she got home that she went right to sleep. She woke up at 10pm in labor and delivered the baby at 3am!
  • Acupuncture Success Story #3: A terrific 11-year-old boy came in for his acupuncture for attention deficit disorder (ADD) the other day. I apologized for running a bit behind schedule, and his mom said, “Oh! You don’t need to apologize. We are happy to be here. S. was just telling me how much he loves his acupuncture treatments!”
  • Acupuncture Success Story #4: I have had the honor and pleasure of working with an incredible 69-year-old man with stage 4 esophageal cancer. He has been extremely sick on chemotherapy and unable to eat solid food. Within a few treatments, he was able to drive himself to Vermont to visit his daughter and granddaughters for the weekend, and he ate solid food! Acupuncture can be extremely helpful for anyone suffering the side effects of chemotherapy treatments and other medications.
  • Acupuncture Success Story #5: Some feedback from one of our Healthy 2013 participants–this was from her 3rd week in the program: “I feel unbelievable. I firmly believe it’s the acupuncture that is helping the cravings. I’ve done diets before and I ALWAYS struggle with the cravings. Not this time. I have gone down a size! My energy is getting better. I am better able to be aware of what I’m really feeling when I first think I’m hungry. It’s not always hunger.”
  • Acupuncture Success Story #6: A long time patient, who now comes about 1x/month or even less, told me recently that he feels that his immune system is stronger than it has ever been these last couple of years since he started coming, and he attributes that to the acupuncture treatments. Regular tune-ups can have an amazing impact on our overall health as well as day-to-day well-being. In traditional China, doctors were not paid when their patients were sick. Their job was considered to keep them healthy.



Health Maintenance Through Acupuncture

“Robin has helped me immensely in combining Eastern and Western medicine. Robin’s treatments helped me with several issues and have allowed healing without taking medications an MD would likely have prescribed. Robin works professionally and compassionately with the patient to improve their quality of life.” –C.H.


Robin listens

“I have been getting acupuncture with Robin for over a year now. She has helped me tremendously with my chronic headaches.” –L.C.


Robin is amazing!

“It is tough to describe in a few words just how calm, kind and attentive Robin is. Her demeanor makes the entire acupuncture experience comfortable, relaxing, restful and recharging! She is a highly skilled practitioner with a truly personalized approach to meeting each client’s needs. There are not enough stars available here to accurately rate Holden Acupuncture!” –K.R.



“My experience was wonderful, as always! Robin is gentle, kind, warm and extremely concerned about her clients level of comfort. Her expertise is second to none. It is always a pleasure! I feel great afterwards.” –N.C.


After 7 Back Surgeries!

“Surgeries on my back included L3L/L4 and L4/L5 and L5/S1, including bone graft and implant titanium posts and screws. I went to PT, and the pain increased. I went to Holden Acupuncture and after one session Robin saw to it that the pain lessened! She is a gem!”–M.A.


Relax….and feel good.

“Wonderful experience with Robin. Total relaxation and enjoyment with the entire experience. Heading back for more!” –R.M.


Amazingly effective

“Robin is thorough , compassionate and effective , she combines various expertise for positive outcome. I would recommend her to anyone.” –B.O.


My Healing Place

“I can always count on Robin to get my body back to feeling good. Her knowledge of acupuncture, cupping, and Chinese herbal medicine all come into play in her healing of people. She is very client-centered!” –P.V.


Improved Quality of Life

“I have been in Robin’s care for about a year and a half and consistently have an excellent experience at each visit. While I came to her primarily for back pain, she has effectively addressed a number of other minor health concerns. I wish I had reached out to her sooner. Each appointment is both refreshing and soothing – can’t wait for the next one.” –M.H.


Book an acupuncture treatment today for yourself. And/or let someone you know who could benefit from a treatment. Consider buying a gift certificate for that person as well. It’s all about first steps.