Moxabustion is the process of adding heat to certain acupuncture points to create a slightly different therapeutic result than with acupuncture alone. It is a form of topical herbal medicine. Moxa is a dried form of the herb mugwort. Mugwort has warming and transformative properties. It can be used directly on the skin or rolled in a ball on the end of the needle. Both methods create a warm, relaxing sensation and help to move the energy in the channel, relieve pain, and dispel coldness.


Cupping is a traditional technique that is used as part of traditional medicine in many cultures. It involves the use of suction with glass cups over certain areas of the body to pull out stagnation and increase the flow of qi and blood through the area. The patient feels a mild pulling sensation that is comfortable and relaxing, especially on tight muscle areas.

Gua Sha

Similar to cupping, Gua Sha increases the qi and blood flow to an area. It is the use of a smooth, rounded Chinese soup-spoon with massage oil over an area of tight musculature. It feels like a very deep massage and is useful in breaking up adhesions and deep, tight muscle knots.

Tui Na

Tui Na is traditional Chinese massage. I often use a few minutes of Tui Na before or after acupuncture treatment on a painful or injured area. It reinforces the effect of the acupuncture treatment, relaxes the muscles, promotes healing, and feels fantastic.

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