Balancing Your Liver Qi

Every organ system in Chinese medicine correlates with a season (as well as a color, flavor, emotion, etc.). Spring is the season associated with Liver energy. If you’re feeling a little extra irritable or depressed lately, if migraines or vertigo are flaring up, that’s why! Just like the roots trying to sprout out of the ground in the unpredictable weather, your Liver energy is trying to wake up and move, and it’s a little stuck!

Here are some tips to help smooth out your Liver Qi this spring!

  • Move! Your Liver qi promotes the smooth flow of energy in the channels. The best way to help your Liver out is to activate it by moving. Any aerobic exercise will help and just getting out for regular walks is one of the best ways to help your Liver.
  • Food! The type of food you eat can have a big impact on how well your Liver qi (and all of your organ systems)  functions. In springtime we want to eat foods that facilitate lightness and movement. Think upward growing greens, less meat, fats and heavy foods, and more light sautees and veggies. Just be cautious not to get too carried away with lots of cold, raw fruits and veggies before summer is in full swing. Check out this recipe for pan crisped greens with eggs and sweet potatoes! This is one of my favorite meals.
  • Acupuncture! Of course! Acupuncture increases circulation of Qi and Blood. It’s excellent for moving Liver qi and most people feel an improvement in their livery symptoms right when they get off the table. It’s a great idea to get an acupuncture treatment or two right around each season change to help the body adjust and head off symptoms.