The initial visit is an approximately 2 hour appointment that leaves time for paperwork, a detailed intake and health history, discussion of treatment plan and recommendations, as well as an initial treatment.

Follow-up visits typically last 1-1½ hours. During these visits, there is still time to check in, evaluate progress, and adjust the treatment plan if necessary, in addition to a full treatment.

Our current fees are as follows:

Acupuncture Initial Visit: $110 (1½-2 hrs)

Acupuncture Follow-Up Visits: $90 (1½ hrs)

Child Initial Visit (<16 y/o): $80 (1½ hrs)

Child Follow-Up Visits: $65 (1 hr)

Herbs Only Initial Visit: $95 (1 hr)

Herbs Follow-Up Visits: $60 (½ hr)

Cupping Only Initial Visit: $90 (1 hr)

Cupping Follow-Up Visits: $60 (½ hr)

Please note that treatment times are approximate, and may vary with the complexity of your treatment.

                   We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, All Credit/Debit Cards and FSA/HSA cards.