Our Holiday Gift Guide!

holiday gift guide

The holidays will be here before you know it! As you begin your holiday shopping, consider checking out our list of great stocking stuffers and gift ideas:

  • Tiger Balm: Great for sore muscles, arthritis and head colds. ($10)
  • Astragalus: Try it with our chicken soup recipe to help boost the immune system. ($3)
  • Pain Patches: Good for sore backs and hips ($6).
  • Sage Sprays (New item!): Use to clear the energy or scents from a room without using smoke. ($12)
  • Emily Skin Soothers: We have several great Emily products to help soothe that dry, winter skin. Try Emily’s lavender skin soother or the gentle liquid soap for sensitive skin.
  • Cold & Flu Wellness Kit : A handy winter season “first aid kit” with herbs to help prevent and curb early stage head colds and upper respiratory infections and detailed instructions on how and when to use each formula. ($40)
  • Sinus Infection Attack Pack: Two herbal formulas that are essential to keep on hand for head colds that get entrenched in the sinuses. ($27)
  • Dr Shir’s Liniment: A traditional Chinese herbal liniment that is useful to keep on hand for strains, sprains and painful joints, tendons and ligaments. It helps to increase the blood flow to promote healing and to ease pain. ($18)
  • Meridian Tea Remedies: Great for relief of early onset cold & flu symptoms such as nasal congestion and body aches.  A package of 6 is $10, or $6 with the purchase of one of our cold & flu wellness kits!

And of course, a gift certificate for an acupuncture session always makes a great gift! Whether it’s someone who’s new to Holden Acupuncture, or a friend you know would enjoy a follow-up, our gift certificates are sure to please. Even if you know someone who doesn’t necessarily need to treat a health condition, and just wants some relaxation, our one-hour Relaxation Session gift certificate ($60) is a wonderful choice. Plus, buy a new patient gift certificate for $95 during the month of December, and receive $10 off your next treatment!

Happy shopping!