Prepare Your Body For Spring!

Some days it feels like winter will never end, but we are definitely seeing hints of spring here and there. We lifelong New Englanders know that we are probably due for another big storm or two… but regardless, spring always wins out in the end! So enjoy the diminishing cozy, quiet winter energy while it lasts. As the days get longer, notice your energy increasing and your mood lightening and check out the following tips to prepare your body for spring:

  1. Begin to move more. Liver energy is much more prone to stagnating in spring time causing symptoms of irritability, frustration, depression, headaches and menstrual cramps. It’s normal to be more sedentary during winter, but as our liver qi is waking up, it needs help circulating. Get out and walk when you can, and if you are not in an exercise routine right now, start to brainstorm ways to get some movement in each day.
  2. Begin to add more greens and upward growing foods into your diet, but don’t go crazy with too much cold, raw food.  Just begin to shift the balance. Sautéed greens with some warming ginger root is a great early spring food. Start adding some sprouts and celery (upward growing foods!) to your salads, but be sure to have warm food or drinks along with your raw salad. Be sure to check out both recipes included in our spring newsletter. This is also a good time to decrease your salt intake.
  3. Schedule a season change acupuncture tune up. Acupuncture is a great way to help your body stay in balance during season shifts. If you are prone to certain conditions becoming worse in spring (allergies, migraines, headaches, vertigo and PMS are some common ones), now is the best time to be proactive. Getting treatments now can help prevent these symptoms from becoming a problem.