Seasonal Allergy Relief: Tips & Strategies

If you’re in need of seasonal allergy relief, you’ve come to the right place. Below we have some strategies along with tips for staying healthy during spring and summer.

Achooo!Say Hello to Seasonal Allergy Relief
Do you find yourself staying in and closing windows during this time of year? Are you rubbing your red puffy eyes while others are planting and pruning to their heart’s content? Whether it’s spring, late summer or both, this is the most common time of year for allergy symptoms to flare and people to feel miserable! Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Um. Well. Acupuncture, of course! It helps. It can make your season less miserable in the short term, and long-term treatments can help make future seasons much better. Treatments can also prevent complications, such as sinus infections and blocked ears.
  • Nettles. Taking capsules of freeze-dried nettles can help the symptoms for many people without the side effects of antihistamines.
  • Diet. Wheat, dairy and sugar all exacerbate seasonal allergy symptoms. I have seen some people have relief of symptoms within days of giving up wheat. It’s worth a shot.

Tips to for Staying Healthy During the Summer Months
It’s a great time of year to enjoy cooler foods and beverages: salads, watermelon, even the occasional ice cream cone! 😉 But be cautious about overdoing the cold, raw, sweet food. Your Spleen energy will be much happier and you will have less mucus and phlegm come fall and winter if you moderate with warm and lightly cooked foods.

  • Don’t forget the downtime. Summer is a season of activity, which is great. The longer days make it more natural for us to be busier and sleep less. Just be sure to grab a few quiet moments when you can.
  • Water energy balances fire. Some quiet walks on the beach are an excellent way to stay grounded and balanced during the summer (just like sitting by a warm fire can do the same in the winter time).
  • Enjoy the bounty of the season! This is a great time of year to hit the farmer’s market and the farm stands and get lots of healthy, fresh, local fruits and veggies.

Acupuncture: The Top 3!
It’s a busy time of year. And for many of us, a time when we have more energy, more activities and less colds, flues, etc. It is the season for our Fire energy to peak, which encourages being social and active. Enjoy! It is a great opportunity to take advantage of our strong qi to prepare for the seasons ahead.

That said, it’s all about balance as well, something acupuncture can help you keep in check. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should get a couple acupuncture treatments in the summer.

  • It feels great! Who doesn’t need a little relaxing downtime amidst the activity of summer? How many times have you said the words, “I need a vacation from my vacation?” Acupuncture is the follow up to an overly fun vacation and a good way to keep grounded and relaxed.
  • Prepare for fall. It is always most effective to seek treatment for seasonal ailments the season before, when possible. Fall is a metal time of year, and the time of year associated with our Lung energy. People with deficient Lung qi tend to have the most trouble in fall. If you tend toward being run down in the fall with allergies, colds or flues, or if you have a history of sinus infections or bronchitis in the fall, summer is the very best time to seek preventative treatment. Traditionally in China, the doctor only got paid when the patient was well. My goal is to keep you well! A few, well-timed visits in summer can really strengthen your Lung qi and leave your body strong and less susceptible to its usual Lung ailments.
  • Injuries, of course. A little too zealous with the yard work? Forgot that you haven’t played beach volleyball since you were 18? Give a call if you need a little recovery help!