Spring Cleaning for Body and Mind!

What is the Spring Cleaning program? It is an individual 2-3 week program consisting of acupuncture treatments, nutritional advice, exercise, and small lifestyle changes all geared to helping you really cleanse and nourish your organs, reduce cravings, drop pounds, gain energy and feel great.

When does it run? Because this program is individual, not everyone has to participate during the same 2-week period. When you call to sign up, we will look at the schedule and pick a 2-3week period that is convenient for you, where we can schedule 4 acupuncture treatments during the 2-3 weeks.

When can I start? I will begin booking people in the week of 3/17.

What does the program consist of?

  1. One full intake and initial acupuncture treatment focused on your personal cleansing goals. This includes discussion of diet (where you are now and what I recommend for the 2-week cleanse period), exercise (where you are now and what is recommended during the 2-week cleanse period), and lifestyle (exploring behaviors and techniques to support your process and your goals). This is a 1.5- to 2-hour session and includes a full acupuncture treatment.
  2. Three (3) follow-up acupuncture treatments, 45 minutes each, focused on supporting your process through the mild cleanse.
  3. A packet of information about each component of the program including food choices, shopping tips, recipes, etc. You will receive this at your first treatment.

How much does it cost? $300. Early bird registration by 3/17: $275. Registration consists of payment and booking of all four treatments.

Sign up with a friend (this means that you register at the same time and will plan your acupuncture visits around the same 2-week period. This does not mean you have to schedule your visits at the exact same times) and you both receive the early bird price of $275.

I do this to encourage you to have a partner in your cleanse. It’s more fun and you can support each other through the process!

We’re accepting registration through 3/31/14. Your  program may continue into April.

Interested? Contact me at 508-829-8094 or email me.